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New Yachts For Sale

We Have New Yachts For Sale Here At Yacht Controller.

Have you been searching for new yachts for sale to get a feel for the luxury market before you buy? We offer the best when it comes to the crossroads of comfort and convenience. Check out our current inventory and schedule a showing to find out why we stand out for quality in the industry.

Our pre-owned yachts for sale offer everything their brand new counterparts do, with extra amenities. A pre-owned yacht is often just as perfect as a brand new one, with a significant price reduction. In our case, possible upgrades by the esteemed Gabriele Teruzzi will amaze you at every turn. Every person that has had the pleasure of boarding Elle.D has been impressed with the design elements and details for the ultimate luxury yacht experience using the top yacht products for reliability and convenience.

Here Are Some Tips When You Do Your Boat Tour of Pre-Owned Yachts For Sale:

  • Walkthrough with use in mind. Does each element work for your use and the size of your crew, friends, and/or family? Are you passionate about fishing or more entertaining? Do you plan to live aboard part of the time or just use it for day fun? Do you want to travel the globe or stay coastal? Make sure you buy the yacht that fits your specific needs.

  • Check the engine. This is vital, if you do not know enough about boat engines to invest the time and resources to find an expert to come along. You can redesign a couch or kitchen set up relatively easily, but a whole engine issue can be time-consuming and money-draining.

  • Spend some time in the boat. Most sellers will agree to a short trip with the boat and their captain if you are a serious buyer, this sail often concretes the sale when the boat is as proclaimed. It is a great time to get excited about your purchase or to notice any flaws that are deal-breakers.


Do you need a resource for the best yacht products available? We know that when it comes to being on a boat in the open ocean requires products that are dependable every single time. This is why we only provide the best products and yacht supplies that we would use ourselves. Our used and new yachts are beautiful and reliable and you will discover that our services are top of the line by skilled mechanics who are trained for the task. We know that when it comes to yacht life certain elements are life and death and property damage is also on the line. This is why we strive for and deliver perfection.

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