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Maintenance Workshop


In association with Custom Boats UAE - Yacht Maintenance & ServicesYACHT CONTROLLER assists the Owners, the Captains and Crews in the activities required to keep the vessel in excellent conditions and satisfy the requirements of Classification Societies, Insurers and Applicable Laws & Regulations. YACHT CONTROLLER & Custom Boats UAE will:


  • Assist with the annual shipyard work, obtaining and appraising quotes.

  • Visiting Yacht at the shipyard at the beginning, end, and during maintenance/refit period to monitor the progress of work and costs.

  • Advising on technical purchases and specialised service work.

  • Liaising with Flag State on periodical surveys and their supervision to renew the registration.

  • Advising and support on maintenance procedures and other technical work on board.

  • Organising technical and condition surveys.

  • Coordinating warranty work.

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The costs, quality and availability of suitable repair yards for superyachts have become a complicated business. Sizable savings can be made by choosing the appropriate solutions. YACHT CONTROLLER & Custom Boats UAE have the experience and knowledge to help Owners and Captains navigate through the choices available, be it for routine maintenance, special surveys or a complete rebuild.

Custom Boats UAE provides the highest quality marine maintenance needs at fair and economical value. We strive to deliver dependable, robust, and cost-effective repairs for our clients. We pride ourselves in establishing clear communication with our clients and provide custom services tailored to each projects' needs.


We offer a complete supervision service, including drawing up and verifying work lists, negotiating yard quotes and contracts, as well as providing day-to-day supervision from start to completion of the work as follows:


Type of Work


Whilst most repair yards say they can carry out a broad spectrum of repairs, our knowledge and experience can advise which yards have the correct experience for the repair required.




Booking the right period at the right yard may sound easy, until your preferred yard is busy, our relationship with the repair yards can give you the edge.


Scope of Work


To achieve competitive quotes from the right yards it is essential to draw up a list of required works as early as possible or appoint a project manager to do this. This allows time for your chosen shortlist of yards to visit the yacht and submit quotes in ample time so that a proper analysis can be made and the right yard selected.


Supervision and Control


Once the yard has been chosen and the quotes accepted, it is essential to manage the refit correctly to ensure the work is done on time and to budget with the minimum of extras.


Contact us to find out how we can provide a complete tailor-made service and receive a competitive quote.

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