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YACHT CONTROLLER takes pride in its customer service, and one of our signature activities is the quality of the yacht handover. We are your onsite and direct point of call, enabling an organized and calm transition of your yacht to your new surroundings.


We offer complete supervision of a turnkey transport logistics plan to our clients which include domestic boat hauling by truck to loading ports, building a custom cradle to support yachts in transport, arranging to load and discharge operations with stevedores and loadmasters. We take care of all aspects and cover all the bases in yacht and boat transport to ensure our client's peace of mind. The transport of yachts and boats does not have to be a hassle.

By employing our expertise and connections in the industry, we help the owners to make yacht and boat transport as smooth and easy as possible. We only utilize the most reputable of A-rated boat shipping transport carriers worldwide. We understand how extremely important it is to protect your investment while going through the boat ship process. At the port of destination, YACHT CONTROLLER supervises to ensure that the unloading operations are done in the most correct and safe manner.


Once your yacht is in the water a member of YACHT CONTROLLER will accompany you to the destination for handover. We will test and assess your yacht to ensure it is of the highest standard quality as you expected before beginning an intensive 5-7 day handover ensuring you are familiar with every aspect of your new yacht, signing off on your warranty right.


We assist in building your confidence with your new yacht whilst providing valuable insight into the waters you are embarking on.


Contact us to find out how we can provide a complete tailor-made service and receive a competitive quote.

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