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Devoted to display a true measure of luxurious residential ambience at sea, Gabriele Teruzzi Yacht & Design proudly exhibits its 42-meter high concept navetta Elle.D in close collaboration with YACHT CONTROLLER FZC.    


Exceeding the traditional boundaries of yachting on a 42 meter, Elle.D stands as a stylistic innovation fully geared towards the senses. The aft-placed panoramic sky saloon sets the standard for a truly immersive experience, emulating the sensation of a metropolitan high-rise.


Two exterior bars with lounge area, two pools, a Jacuzzi, and a 79 sqm beach club with superstructure waterfall make for a lush family retreat or eye-catching social scenery. Accommodating 10 guests and a crew of 7, her owners are guaranteed privacy in a 67 sqm, extendable master suite.


Aimed at complementing the Middle East's outspoken ethos of excellence, Gabriele Teruzzi Yacht & Design now embarks on an ambitious new venture, towards a shared perception of enduring elegance and technical artistry. Combined with the technical acumen and established expertise of YACHT CONTROLLER FZC, Elle.D showcases clients the very best of a fully bespoke service. 


Further information is available upon direct request.