Custom Boats

Custom Boats With Us at Yacht Controller Middle East Are A Cut Above.

The best in yachts are available here at Yacht Controller Middle East, from quality used ships to custom-designed ships from an in-demand award-winning designer Gabriele Teruzzi. His design on the Elle.D is described as an immersive experience. Guests can experience the environment all around the globe from the controlled environment of this high-concept yacht. Each area is designed with intention and the quality at every turn reveals itself in a subtle elegance that has been making waves in the yacht and interior design worlds. If you are on the market for a yacht experience like no other, or if you represent someone who is, contact us for a tour of the one and only Elle.D soon.

One of the many things that can make your boat stand out is a smooth dynamic trim-control system. If you are considering upgrading your boat with a new trim system contact us about our inventory or ask for a tour of one of our boats with dynamic trim-control so you can experience first-hand the smooth movement and quality. We can help you achieve this upgrade, or full boat customization and makeover.

Are you looking for a new or used yacht to fully enjoy life in this season? We have new and used yachts as well as customized yachts that likely exceed any expectation of quality, comfort, and convenience that you have in mind. Our dynamic trip-control system will make all movements from the engine seem seamless. You know you are on a quality yacht by the elegance of the seamless transitions. This includes everything from room design to engine movement. We can assist you with every stage of the process of buying a new boat whether it is from us or not. We are qualified and experienced in transporting boats before and after the sale, facilitating smooth sales, and handover/PDI services. No matter what stage you are in the boat buying or selling process contact us to cover your bases and make sure you are protected by an impartial third party.

What does the term custom boats mean? Customization by industry professionals means that your custom boat will handle better, look better, and be more ergonomic for the captain and guests than otherwise. It is a way to have the very best, and if you have a say as the customization progresses it can be customized specifically for your needs. A skilled yacht customization contractor will take all elements into consideration. You will discover that our custom boats stand out in comfort and ease of use. Simply schedule a tour to find out exactly why our boats are the best. If you already have a boat but want to customize or upgrade an element contact us. We provide quality customization services and can repair or upgrade any of the systems on your boat. Browse our services and give us a call, you will soon come to realize you have an ally in the boating world with us at Yacht Controller Middle East.